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Aims of UKDS

The primary aim of the UKDS is the promotion of Science and Scientists within Universities and other Higher Education Institutions in the UK.

This aim is achieved by:

  • seeking to secure high standards of provision of resources, including equipment;
  • promoting science and science education in member institutions and other educational establishments including schools and colleges;
  • raising public awareness of the importance of science and science education;
  • promoting interactive links at senior level with Government Departments, Government Agencies, Funding Councils, Research Councils, the Royal Society, appropriate Professional Bodies, Learned Societies, Industrial Organisations and other organisations with a major interest in Science and Science education;
  • liaising with complementary Committees such as Heads Groups in Scientific subjects;
  • collecting and coordinating data from member institutions;
  • holding meetings of members of the Group to discuss particular issues.

In achieving its primary aim UKDS inter alia enables members, as a result of shared experiences and information through contacts with other bodies, more effectively to fulfil their roles as persons with prime responsibility for science and science education in their own institution.