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About UK Deans of Science

The UK Deans of Science (UKDS) was formed in 1989 at a meeting in London. It currently has approximately 65 members from a full range of UK higher education institutions. Members are generally those individuals (usually formally designated as Deans) who are responsible for Science in Higher Education Institutions across the UK and who generally hold the budgets for Science including any research budgets.


UKDS organises two meeting per year for members which consist of a mixture of presentations from relevant individuals within the science, educational and political communities and which give opportunities for members (or their substitutes), to share experiences and information and discuss issues of the day so that they may more effectively fulfil their roles.

Reports and Policy Statements

Other important aspects of UKDS activities are maintaining and developing productive contact with other relevant organisations and the production of reports, policy statements and responses to consultations from Government and other bodies.